Dr Hotze introduces us to Jeff Yates, a type 2 diabetic who wants to Take Charge Of His Health.  On Jeff’s first visit he weighs 387 pounds and is also dealing with high blood pressure. Dr Hotze examines Jeff and closely analyzes his blood tests. The plan is set….and you have a front row seat to his weight loss and return to a strong, healthy lifestyle.  Jeff is now ready to Do A 180!

Ready for the next weigh in? Check out webisode #2.


Watch Jeff Yates on his FIRST weigh in after deciding to Do A 180. See what happens when Dr. Hotze takes Jeff’s blood pressure. The results are amazing. Plus, you’ll learn about the incredible effects of magnesium. Don’t forget to watch Webisode #3 and see which medications Jeff no longer needs.


Jeff Yates is back for his 3rd visit to Dr. Hotze. He’s is 100% committed to Taking Charge Of His Health. His weight loss will surprise you! Jeff also talks about his new found energy level and mental focus. “I thought I was going to be on pharmaceutical drugs the rest of my life…it was depressing”, said Yates. And don’t forget to see the before & after pic at the end!!!!!


Jeff hops on the scale for his 4th visit. His weight loss after 13 weeks is……astonishing! His blood pressure is down so much he doesn’t need his blood pressure medicine! Watch this Webisode, then call the number and Take Charge Of Your Health!


Jeff is sending you this video message because he is thrilled with the number of inches he was able to lose. His biggest dilemma: What should he do with all his “too big” clothes?

Jeff Yates and Dr Steven Hotze visit the TV show “Great Day Houston”. Host Deborah Duncan tells the audience that Jeff has been dealing with Type 2 diabetes for over 14 years. Their response to his health update is priceless. Watch it now!

Dr. Hotze and Jeff visit Houston Life to talk about Jeff’s amazing transformation.

Another milestone! Jeff Yates is able to cross his legs for the first time in 20 years!

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