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Husband, father, pastor, owner, Jeff is a leader in every area of his life,

except his health…


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Jeff’s initial measurements are as follows

Jeff is embarking on an epic journey of self improvement that will change how he looks, how he feels, and how he thinks about his health and future. The first step is taking inventory of where he is today his current health status. Jeff’s initial measurements, taken in September 2016, are listed below:

+ 387 lbs    

+ 66 inch waist

+ 63 inch chest

Dr. Hotze believes that Jeff’s weight gain is connected to a condition called….


This condition affects a person’s ability to metabolize food. It inevitably results in weight gain.  

And Jeff is not alone.


Jeff realized that he needed and wanted to do a 180 with his health.

This is a decision you can make too.

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Jeff wants to be there for his wife. He wants to walk his daughters down the aisle… and He wants to cradle his grandchildren in his arms.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to #DoA180 and take control of your health.

With the help of his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Steven Hotze, Jeff  is completely turning his life around. And we are documenting the entire thing. Join Jeff in this momentous event!
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Jeff is changing the way he thinks, the way he eats, and his daily habits.


Jeff’s Treatment Plan

Dr. Hotze developed a treatment plan that focuses on naturally restoring Jeff’s hormonal levels. Jeff will stop eating purely for taste, and he will start eating with a purpose. He will integrate exercise, healthy foods, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals into his daily routine life. That is the only way to achieve lasting health and wellness.


The following vitamins and minerals will help restore balance to Jeff’s body and give him the energy he needs. Dr. Hotze will be customizing a natural supplement regimen for Jeff that includes the following supplements:

+ Magnesium – regulates heart rate & blood pressure

+ Vitamin D3 – Strengthens the immune system, increase cardiovascular functions, and cognitive abilities

+ Probiotic – promotes the growth of healthy bacteria

+ Folic Acid – heals the liver & aids in the detoxification process

+ B Complex – helps with essential bodily functions and fatigue

+  Iodine – to help the thyroid gland make thyroid hormones

+ Cod liver oil – to introduce essential omega nutrients

+ Vitamin C – to help Jeff’s body produce collagen to improve artery strength

+ Coenzyme Q10 – to aid in cellular energy production

+ L Arginine – helps reduce blood pressure

+ Phosophatidylserine – to help with brain function

+ Vitamin E – to improve mental health

+ Berberine – to lower blood sugar levels

Jeff is taking responsibility for his health.

We hope his exciting transformation emboldens you to do the same.

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